All our dishes are lactose free. Ask the staff about allergens


  • 115 kr

    Baron Fuenté brut

  • 125 kr
    Lingon martini

    Gin, lingon berries, lemon

  • 125 kr

    Vodka, galliano, rhubarb, lemon

  • 135 kr
    Lemon sprits

    Gin, lemon juice, Champagne


  • 110 kr

    Smoked reindeer with horseradish crème on black rye bread and white fish roe

    • 82 kr Four strokes IPA, Höganäs Bryggeri 33cl
    • 92 kr Skåne akvavit 6cl
  • 135 kr
    Västerbotten cheese dip with cold smoked salmon
    • 110 kr 2018 Colle Maggio Pecorino, Torre Zambra, Abruzz
  • 165 kr
    Cured salmon with toast, sweet mustard sauce and pickled fennel
    • 72 kr Belgisk wit, Poppels bryggeri
    • 92 kr OP Andersson akvavit 4cl
  • 195 kr
    Shrimp toast with bleak roe
    • 75 kr Stockholms lager, Sthlm Brewing 33cl
    • 92 kr Herrgårds akvavit 4cl
  • 145 kr
    Beetroot tartar with goat cheese cream, salsify chips and roasted hazelnuts
    • 120 kr 2018 Parnanio Negroamaro. Sampietrana, salento
  • 155 kr
    Shrimp sandwich with avocado, dill mayonnaise, egg and carrot

    med dillmajonnäs, avokado, ägg och strimlad morot

    • 115 kr 2018 La Sauvignole, raymond Morin, Loire

Main courses

  • 220 kr
    Swedish meatballs with cream sauce, lingonberries, pickled cucumber and potato puree
    • 120 kr 2018 Parnanino Negroamaro, Sampietrana, Italien
  • 230 kr
    Swedish potato dumplings filled with fried pork served with browned butter and lingonberries
    • 130 kr 2018 Pinot Noir, Wilhelmshof, Pfalz
  • 225 kr
    Cabbage rolls filled with minced meat, served with cream sauce, lingon berries and potatoes
    • 120 kr 2018 Parnanino Negroamaro, Sampietrana, salento
  • 295 kr
    Biff Rydberg

    Slow cooked roast beef with, fried potatoes, sauteed onion and mustard crème

    • 125 kr Cotes du rhone, Domaine Bellane, Rhone
  • 295 kr
    Seared char with västerbotten cheese sauce, roasted cauliflower and potatoes
    • 135 kr 2018 Riesling trocken, Robert Weil
  • 255 kr
    Veal in dill sauce

    Slow cooked veal in a dill butter sauce with carrot puree, roasted parsnip and boiled potatoes

    • 115 kr 2018 Savignole blanc, Raymond Morin
  • 230 kr
    Pointed cabbage with västerbotten cheese, truffel crème and portabello mushrooms
    • 110 kr 2018 Colle maggio Pecorino, Torre Zambra, Abruzz
  • 230 kr
    Vegetarian Swedish potato dumplings filled with porcini mushrooms, served with brussel sprouts, carrot purée and roasted pumpkin seeds
    • 95 kr 2018 ARVA NATURALIS VERDEJO, PS Wine creators, La mancha


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